Inspiring Women to Build a Better World

Our Mission:


Our community offers women a place to connect with other sister-women who wish to share, learn, inspire, and be inspired.


Our Mission

One Woman One Voice Project Supports Women!

Our global community is based on the grace, beauty, and the love women bring into the world. We invite you to share your grace, stunning moments of beauty, inspired and inspiring words, and your unabashed loving spirit. Our community encourages, and reminds women of their strength. This is a unique time in our history when the voice and sensibility of the feminine is needed to heal and build a better world.

We are excited to launch our first anthology of women’s voices, One Woman’s Words, to showcase essays written by you—women who live extraordinary lives that are often invisible in this world.

Join us, as we shine a light for each other!

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Our Goals



secure 501(c)(3) Status

We are seeking to officially be recognized as a non-profit organization to grow our fundraising efforts to become more impactful and effective to serve our community of women.



global and local retreats for empowered living

We are busy planning retreats both globally and locally to bring our community of women together for enriching fellowship.



one woman’s voice — an anthology of essay for women by women

We are excited to embark on our initial writing project to bring the often unheard voices of women to the world.


Our Programs

Check back with us for programing.


conscious communication workshop


One on one coaching

expressive writing to heal and grow


meditation and visioning workshops


Bucks county, pa

Stephanie is a kind, strong, compassionate, and very gentle woman. It's amazing to see her strength and softness working together to reach women who are hurting and afraid, and who in some cases have become a shell of themselves. Her gentleness allows such women to open up and feel loved, while her strength helps them walk a path to become more courageous. I thank God for bringing Stephanie into my life.

A Mom and Professional Working Woman



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